iPhone 7 – My Experience After a Week!

I got my iPhone 7 32 GB Gold last week after convincing myself hard that it would be a great jump from my previous iPhone- iPhone 6s. I’m not gonna review the product as there are so many experienced reviewers out there. Just thought of sharing few things I like and dislike about this version of iPhone from the very first week of usage.


  1. Design – I’ve seen a lot of people raving about the similar design of iPhones for the past 3 years. (iPhone 6, 6s and now 7) But there’s this refinement of the antenna lines that makes the iPhone look a tinge more pleasing. This is a matter of preference, but I personally liked the slight changes plus the addition of black in this  latest iteration of iPhones.
  2. Storage – Base storage being marginally increased to 32GB starting with the same price is great, but I would have preferred a 64GB base start. Anyway , a 16GB to 32GB jump means you need not frequently free up memory for downloading new Apps or for making software updates.
  3. Battery – iPhones are always known for their better standby time. iPhone 7 stands tall in this league. My iPhone 6s would hardly last an entire day of above average use. But, iPhone 7 seems to do better. At least for the first week.
  4. Camera – It’s the same 12MP camera but with a larger f/1.8 aperture. Just like the design, there is nothing much to boast about here, but the pictures seem to be more refined. Front camera with 7MP looks better on paper, but results kinda look the same as iPhone 6s.
  5. Dust and Water Resistance – I seriously felt that the iPhone 6s was dust and water resistant because I’ve dropped it in water twice. It worked perfectly fine even then. May be Apple decided to make the point more evident by scribing it in the spec sheet. None the less, it feels more convincing to hold it the rain now than earlier.


  1. Stereo Speakers? Really? – Apple was really boasting about the stereo speaker set up in its latest offering. But they don’t really sound that amazing. It is fine, but if you compare it with those boom speakers of HTC’s earlier line ups, gosh!
  2. New year ? New iPhone? – iPhone 7 isn’t that big update you would generally expect from Apple going from a “s” to the next numerical model. The minor refinements don’t really seem like an upgrade, rather seems like a double “s” because the speed has increased slightly more than the already speedy iPhone 6s.

blog 1.JPG

iPhone 7 feels top notch, looks refined, takes good natural images as always, comes with add ons like water & dust resistance, Optical Image Stabilisation and better colour options. The lack of a headphone jack really means nothing to me. I either use it with the added adapter or a bluetooth headphone. The home button isn’t a button anymore and it needs sometime to get used to it. It kinda feels nice to use the Taptic engine (Button?!) once it becomes a routine.

After the first week, I’m okay with my iPhone 7 and I prefer the way iOS apps have been streamlined for iPhones, and the “no whatsoever lag” and speedy nature of the phone. I’ve always been a big fan of Apple iPhones, but there is a bit of disappointment this time around as I was expecting a lot more additions. Hope the 10th anniversary brings in more excitement than the recent few mediocre years.



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