A Family Member

It was three years back. Feb 11 2014. My Birthday. I was feeling fully drenched of tiredness after a very tiresome day at work. The usual bus route would take me 45 mins to my cousin’s place where my mom and other family members were waiting to  party. So I thought of taking an auto. As I exited my office, saw an auto right beside the bakery I usually hang out with my colleagues. 

So there was this lean, dark,, short guy standing with a cigarette in between his fingers. I asked him if he could drop me to a place 10kms away from my current place of conversing. He said ok. I asked him “Evlo anna agum?” (How much will you charge brother?) He said 100rs. Usually people in this heavy traffic zone charge a lot. He dropped me in about 20mins and it was a pleasant unexpected travel experience, because most auto drivers here either over charge or over speed or do both.

Then later in August, I had to come back to Chennai to get my things in place for the MBA course in SSN School of Management. My girl friend then (now my wife❤️😊) stayed in a hostel very near the office “we” previously worked in. So after about six months, when I was returning after seeing her, I met the same dark, lean, short man who drove me safely to my cousin’s place. I asked him for a ride again to the same destination as I was staying there. 

This time he dropped me and I got his number. I said I’ll call him whenever I come there. He had this caring , loving and helping nature that you don’t see much in a busy money making tendency filled city. After that, it’s been frequent travels in his yellow vehicle. Even drops to my college which was 25kms away from my cousin’s place. It was not just drives, it was talking and sharing thoughts and feelings. 

Call him at 11:30 pm asking for a drop to your home. He’ll come. Call him saying you’ll be arriving at 6am in the morning from your hometown. He’ll be there. Want to catch a late night bus. He’ll drop you. There is something more than mere money. Most relationships face tough times when  money matter peeps in. But with him, he never demands, he just receives. 

He’s no more a guide to me. He’s my family member. Most Poor people live by heart, not money. They care from the heart , do things from the heart. They don’t require FILTERS to look rich. They are real, stay real and aren’t afraid to showcase who they really are. This man is one fine example whom I can quote to on this scale.

Sekhar Anna. 😊


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