Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps  

Smartphone photography just like DSLR photography requires certain levels of  software edits to make it more beautiful,  pleasing and at times to give it a different “meaning”. Here are few of my “Go To” Apps that I use for photo editing.

  1. Snapseed

I’ve  used almost all photo editing apps in AppStore. Most of them have their own benefits and flaws, but snapseed has surpassed my expectations. It’s easy accessibility and plenty of editing options makes it a great tool for photo editing. Filters are limited but to the mark. Manual editing is where snapseed scores high. Sliding your fingers on the screen to adjust various features such as brightness, contrast, Saturation, shadows is so simple. It’s auto edit option for specific options is another noteworthy feature. Adobe Lightroom is a closely competing photo editor but requires payment to unlock more features. 

2. Aviary

If you are less interested in adding filters but more inclined towards memes, adding texts, comments, mark up on images, then Aviary should be the way to go. It’s filter options aren’t noteworthy, it’s like any other average photo editing application.

3. Layouts

If you are the one who creates collages more often, this is an amazing option. Collage of various “layouts” is available. Background image editing and default options are great. 

4. Lens Distortions

This is that type of application that embeds a very unique and picturesque look to an image. Try all the type of filters that comes with this app, each and every filter will give it a different feel. An interesting and worthy photo editor that definitely should find a space on your phone’s memory.

5. Prisma

Prisma is last in my list because I just don’t use it much and recommend the least to anyone who loves photo to look “real”. It is indeed interesting  but shifts the image to a more cartoonistic look. 

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