John Wick 2 – My Thoughts!

So after about 2 years, here comes the sequel of the heart pumping action bonanza – “John Wick”. The second part seems more refined than the first one. We see a lot of sequels failing terribly at the Box-Office just because it couldn’t recreate the magic that the first part did. But, John Wick 2 not only manages to recreate the magic but also sets the stage for an awesome third part.


How often do you enjoy violent action backed up with over 20 minute continuous gunshot scenes? Well, John Wick 2 never for a second seems over cooked or under baked. Keanu Reeves with his amazing screen presence and subtle – stylish acting, has taken this movie long way beyond the victory line. I’m pretty damn sure that no one can live this role better than Keanu Reeves himself. The stage is set right from the first minute. Everything that happens after that is predictable, but the way it is said is laudable.

It is the way in which the setting up for an action scene is made, makes it more interesting and meaningful. You don’t see sudden action popping out of nowhere. Here, it is the pre drama before the action block that makes the action more commending. You will for not even a second feel bored. The screenplay never ceases to entertain. It isn’t realistic but at the same time it isn’t that unreal. Seeing audience applaud for intense headshots and brutal kills,.. hmm?? haha.. Even I applauded!  The BGM and the camera work are the main reasons behind this magic.

With a run time of a little over 2 hours, it really never seems that long. Just like those bullet speed actions sequences, the run time too flies. Another worthy mention is the way in which the hero is portrayed. He gets hurt, injured, feels broken thinking about his wrong choices and at the climax, when Wick fears each and every one in the public for he could get killed by anyone any time, these type of well crafted scenes are worth mentioning. It makes the wait for John Wick 3 more intriguing.

Rating: 9/10

The perfect blend of blood thirsty action and drama sets the bar high for the third one!


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