Si3 – My Thoughts

Surya and Hari combination has always been an entertaining affair right from “Aaru”. The duo got much widely acclaimed for their singam series. Even though Singam 2 didn’t match the first part, it was indeed a worthy – watchable commercial flick.

Si3 with almost the same cast, but with  new additions of Shruthi Haasan,  Krish, Robo Shankar and Soori makes this a tad more entertaining. So let me sum up my thoughts on Si3 with flares of positives and negatives.


  • Surya – Oh my God! He’s simply irreplaceable in this arrogant cop plus lovely husband role. Punches in trailer seemed like a forced addition, but it actually flows like a stream of river with the storyline.
  • Screenplay and Direction- Hari is known for his mass characterisation and situations that he sets up to support those characters. Si3 never fails to entertain even for a second. 
  • Music- I would say that I personally missed those beats of DSP, but few fast paced songs from Harris does seem pleasant to the ears. BGM at times is irritating and irrelevant. But the theme music has been well placed complementing the situation.
  • Villain- The weakest part of Singam 2 according to me was the lack of a proper daring baddie. But this guy just acts, reacts, looks, expresses well above par! 


  • Beyond imagination Action scenes- According to me, if the action scenes were atleast 70% believable, it would have been a strong pillar of support to the power packed story and screenplay. But seeing baddies fly here and there, bounce from trees and lorries makes it a bit irritating.

Yes, this movie has just one negative. Nothing else. When movies of lesser runtime feels like a very long affair, this movie with a run time of over 2.5 hours is crisp and gripping throughout. Thanks to the mastermind that has gone behind creative editing!

This is a great entertainer and definitely deserves appreciation!! 👍🏻

Rating: 7.5/10


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