RHA MA750i Headphones – My Experience

I’ve been an ardent user of beats solo for a very long time. Though it provides a “certain” desired quality of music , I was still unsure of what would Real music sound like. With Apple Music providing a streaming of 256kbps, it isn’t quite effective in replicating actual music quality. Moreover you need very good quality earphones to extract quality from this music streaming service. Even though wynk music , saavn, gaana promise to provide 320kbps I don’t think it’s actually true, but definitely a tad better than Apple Music. So being a music freak, I wanted a pair of earphones in the range of $200 (₹10,000) to probably experience music at a different more exquisite level. That is when I started to check for earphones in headphone zone (probably the best place to order headphones), and that is where I found  RHA MA750i.

It’s priced at exactly ₹10,000 and based on the extremely positive reviews both on Amazon as well as headphone zone I thought of giving it a try. The earphones were delivered the second day from order as promised. I was forced to use it that whole night to kill time as I had to travel to my hometown in a boring 14 hour bus journey. 

Premium – the word which struck me right from viewing the packing to unwinding the earphones to exploring the various earbuds (10 pairs of them!! 😳👌🏻). Loved the hard and tough feel of the earphone cables. I’ve seen a lot of reviewers saying that if you don’t pick the right pair of earbuds for your ears, the sound quality is gonna be abysmal. So I spent about 20 minutes in figuring out which had the best fit for my ears. 


This device is a musical treat plus beast. I’ve never experienced music at this quality and at this price range . The beats solo which was a bit on the higher price side just sounded lower quality  comparatively. 

As the reviews suggested, I just burnt the earphones through continuous use. Which started as a good musical affair, just started getting better and better. It almost felt like the earphones started to get the better out of my musical taste. The Bass and  effects produced (based on the equaliser) are top notch. I could even hear musical instruments that I’ve never heard before on a very frequently listened to track. These earphones felt like recreating music with an extremely new magical touch. Ever since I started using this earphones, I’ve never gone back to the apple AirPods or beats solo headphones. In this price range, I’m pretty sure this is the best musical experience you can ask for.

Check this link to purchase RHA MA750i from headphone zone. 


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