Bairavaa – My Thoughts!

Just like any other vijay movie, once you book your tickets for “bairavaa” , all you expect and can expect is action+comedy+sentiment+storyline+screenplay in the right mix . When each of these factors are mixed in the right amount it creates a magic like Ghilli, else ends up like puli. 

Here, the storyline is strong. Comedy is average, action is really good(obviously not realistic), but the screenplay isn’t what you expect from a “good” commercial movie. 

Vijay is as energetic as always. His dance, action, punch dialogues and yes , his scene presence is enough to create magic among the masses. But what it lacks here, is the situation in which vijay is put upon. No strong situation except for few. 

Music is good, songs are definite speedbreakers (except Nillayo, which is awesomely picturised and composed). BGM is a definite plus but what would have been better is better scenes to create that magic. (For example, that bgm of thuppaki when vijay enters a scene to rescue his sister) keerthi Suresh is fine, but not even a pinch of scope is evident to explore herself in this mediocre role. Other actors like Satish, jagapathi Babu, Daniel Balaji just fill their spaces with no real impact. (I would definitely love a full packed action movie with vijay as lead and Daniel Balaji as the villain as they just complement each other very well in the scene where they meet first).

One thing which I really don’t like in commercial scripts is portraying the antagonist in a comical manner. You may call it a commercial “entertainer” but I really don’t know in what way it helps the flow of the movie. I personally start feeling that the fight between the good and bad has started to become a comic tale, and the seriousness is lost. I personally felt the same here. 

First half is a bit ok. Second half is ok at parts and pieces. Some scenes and songs have been forced in to fit the already long runtime of 2.5 hours. You will be entertained in bits and pieces, but for the rest of the time, it’s really tough to overcome the boredom that it creates.

On the whole, this is a tricky one time watch for the general audience, but for die hard fans, yeah! No one can stop them! ūüėä

My score- 4/10


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