Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru – A very good thriller that is new to Tamil Cinema


This movie starts with a murder scene (that is pictured very well), and then the chase to unfold the various unrelated knots begins. Rahman as the lead is top notch. A role where you can’t play too hard on it, neither can you underplay, is brilliantly and effortlessly handled by him. The movie is just 105 minutes and even though scenes seem to move at its own pace its actually adrenaline pumping inside, wanting us to guess what/who is the reason behind all this mishaps.

The main thing that caught my attention and which according to me is the major plus of this movie, is the way in which things happen around a specific shot. For example, there is a scene where Rahman investigates the neighbour at midnight for a girl who temporarily stays there. In the background, you see his wife doing something in the background which seems so real and gives the viewer a real house kinda feeling. Nothing is forcefully pushed in such as spooky individuals who make us believe that they are they real culprit. Each and every scene has a purpose. And to add to that, it has great logic.

The background score by Jakes Bejoy (who previously composed for Thaaka Thaaka) just adds immense value to the already intense setting. Tension and suspense conveyed through music is just pure bliss. To the other actors, who have supported to make this film so much real, I just want to know where you guys were this much years (or) was I so much ignorant to not spot you talents in any movies earlier. Hats off!

The constable who supports Rahman in the investigation  (reminds me of Ramanaa movie’s dynamic Yugi Sethu) is so realistic and portrays the exact energy impacted feeling that a newly joined young cop would generally have. Well done and the climax scene constable (suspense?) plus the three guys, other police officials, and each and everyone in this movie leave a mark.

I saw some earlier reviews of this movie saying the issue with this movie is that it is highly confusing and that most characters (neighbour uncle and few other persons) speak so fluent english. Are you reviewers really serious? Speaking English is something very common and not just uncles, even grandpas here speak english pretty well. English is not some knowledge, its just a language. Damn! deal with it! About the confusion factor, seriously there isn’t anything confusing. The theories that the persons in this movie try to put forward just “try” to confuse you, but seriously if you concentrate on the main plot alone, it is just plain and clear. Nothing so magical about the plot, but the way it is handled is to be appreciated.

The theories at times forcefully try to confuse you, but how else can a thriller be? Well, I leave this to other professional reviewers to throw light on this topic. But for me, certain over confusion creating scenes could have been handled better, but to the frank, it is indeed good. A pinch of negative which I personally felt is that the reason behind this murder, when finally revealed just leaves a slight disappointment. I personally wanted a much better (thrilling) reason (or) plot to support this amazing set up.

For tamil cinema, the recent few weeks have been disastrous with mindless plus irritating movies that should have never been released in the first place. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is a movie that is released few days before the end of this year, and is sure to make a mark in the movies that come in the upcoming years. A thriller from a 22 year old director (Karthick Naren) should teach a lesson to those few directors who take meaningless so called commercial entertainers, and just wish for weekend collections to meet their margin.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru needs support from the audience to encourage directors to come up with new ideas and create movies of this calibre. On the whole, this is a very good movie and can be easily stated as one of the best intelligent thriller made in recent times.

My score: 9/10



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