Photography – My take on it!

When I first started clicking pictures using my Nokia (some model which I really am not able to recollect now), it was just pictures of my friends, parents, birthday parties, movie posters, scenic places and yeah some beautiful girls I was in touch at that time (yup with their permission indeed).

As time passed by and as I slowly crept into the world of social media, I started to get startled witnessing certain “appealing” pictures that were posted in Facebook pages. These were clicked by so called professional photographers. I then joined Instagram after seeing a lot of my friends tagging their Instagram pics in Facebook. The moment I joined Instagram, I just felt a spark of love for photography crawl deeply into my not-so-photogenic mind. While my friends used this platform for posting “dumb” pictures like “selfies”, photos of their newly bought shoes, their girl friend/s, TV shows,… there was a separate set of apprehensive users who used Instagram for posting really professional pictures. I loved photography to the extent that I got an iPhone 5s (in 2014) to use it as a handy camera. It was just mobile cameras that crept into my mind when I thought about photography. Yeah, I did make good use of my iPhone 5s, but it was after few years that I realised DSLR is what photography stands for . These mobile phones are just a fake version of a DSLR. I got my first DSLR Nikon D3300 recently and it is after that that I actually felt the real bliss of photography because its just me using all manual settings to click a picture that solely is mine, and not from any automated software that gives a false impression that I’ve done the impossible.

It is after this that I learnt that “smartphone photography” isn’t really true and DSLR is what “real photography” stands for. So what does this transition really mean to me?

The joy of clicking a appealing((according to me :D) picture is a joy second to none. It gives you a sense of satisfaction that none can provide. A shrill of happiness that wants me to explore more in photography. For people clicking pictures in automatic mode or in Smartphones, this joy isn’t really possible. ever.

My main learning from photography is that “There is no picture that is really perfect”. It depends on your taste and its synchronisation with the settings that the photographer has opted to go for that particular scene. Manual settings gives the photographer full freedom to showcase a particular scene in whatever way he wishes to portray it. And with the likes of the aperture, ISO and shutter  speed being chosen differently based on the taste of the photographer, there really isn’t a perfect click. A scene that is in front of you, will be seen in an entirely aspect depending upon the photographer.  But a perfect picture is the one that makes you feel happy inside and enhance your outlook to explore more. It gives a sense of joy that equates to a personalised creation of a masterpiece.

And another thing that I realised is that most people make pictures more appealing by adding automated filters to it. (it is more evident in mobile photography, and with the enormous number of photoshop and editing tools, it is really tough to differentiate a real photo from a filtered one). So people new to photography, never get to this artificial tool based photography. You will find no joy in automated photography. Real joy clicks when you set everything manually according to what your heart says and tap on the click button!

Yes, I am indeed taping pictures of my friends, parents, scenic places and parties, but now its more under my control than what it was initially where the machine took the upper hand. Photography helps take off stress and bring out that hidden “creativity” factor out from deep inside your mind and heart. So if you haven’t started “real photography”, then better start it straightaway.

There isn’t really a proper way to learn photography. All you need to know is the basics of photography, which I learnt from viewing Youtube videos. So start exploring this and make it as your hobby! You will certainly notice a great contrast to your otherwise normal life!

Take a look at My Photography Page to check pictures that I’ve posted starting from my HTC M7, iPhone 5s/6/6s to Nikon D3300 now. Also check me out in Instagram : Neeb Praveen (Username: n.e.e.b)


Few clicks from my shelf!

  1. Stone temples of Mahabalipuram


2. Panaroma click of Kanyakumari Beach with Thiruvalluvar Statue


3. Focussed shot of iPhone (with manual lighting)

DSC_0017 copy.JPG

4. Flowers from my Mom’s garden in Nagercoil (Kanyakumari)


5. Christmas Tree in my home in Chennai








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