Few movies that weren’t widely acclaimed but deserves a watch!

The following few movies haven’t been widely recognised, but definitely deserves your attention. I just randomly skimmed through the titles of few “Thriller” genre movies and these were the few among the rest that I thought should have been celebrated for their novel approach.

1. Circle

A group of 50 strangers are held as hostages for a study undertaken by some mystical force.

Have you ever imagined that a movie with a relatively low budget and taken in a single place can turn out so thrilling and nail biting? Well, this is it. With a run time of 87 minutes, this is a must watch. This is a story of 50 odd strangers who have been picked at random for a alien study. These people after every 2 minutes decide whom is to be executed (the execution being done one by one by some fictional force, based on who is chosen). It caught my attending till the credit cards rolled. Watch it if you are a fan of low budget, thrillers with a different story line.


2. Last Shift

A rookie cop’s 1st shift in the last night of a closing police station alone turns into a living nightmare. Source: IMDb

This is a psychological thriller that at times confuses you more than what it intends to. A movie with not so big shot cast, and less number of roles (apart from the ghost like monsters), it deserves a watch. It gives the necessary thrills that you would expect of any thriller movie. But the way in which it is dealt is very different. The run time is about 90 minutes, but each and every minute is very worth it.

last shift 3.png

3. The Den

A video chatting platform based study turns fatal to a girl when a “monster” group starts targeting her and her close associates.

If you did like “unfriended” , then you’ll definitely acknowledge this social media based thriller. If you didn’t watch “unfriended”, then you better watch it. So “the Den” is based on a video chatting platform where you get to chat to random people all around the world. A separate group uses this to create social panic among the masses, especially in the life of a girl, which is shown in an adventurous manner in this 81 minute thriller. This movie was shot using a handy cam for the most part, and at times showcases the brilliance of editing and direction, which in turn makes it a must watch.

the den.jpg

4. Clown

A father who tries to surprise his kid with a clown disguise, gets stuck in it and has sees no way back.

This movie caught me by surprise. We sure have seen a lot of clown based horror movies. But this is more of a thriller cum horror movie which surprisingly has a strong story line backing it. The acting portrayed by the lead and all supporting actors are top-notch and is worth mentioning. With a run time of 100 minutes, it will keep you glued for the most part.



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