Bargaining – with whom?

Have you seen people bargaining in a mobile shop for the price of an iPhone?


They just ask the price of the product, check for extra offers and straightaway make the payment.  

Have you seen people bargain with a rickshaw driver for  Rs. 50 extra that he’s charged but are ready to pay extra Rs.500 for a mobile case in a retail store ? 

Have you seen people bargain in a fish market for the fresh fish that is being sold but remain silent when the same fish is bought in a supermarket in cold storage for double or triple its original price?

Have you seen people bargain with road side boys for a door mat that costs Rs.60 but are ready to pay Rs. 600 for the same door mat kept in a richly set up shop in a mall without asking any questions?

Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

So what is this tendency that people have developed among themselves? And why?

If you sell a product road side, people bargain with you . But if the same product is sold in a big showroom which has a rich look, people just look at the price board and straightaway get it with their credit or debit cards swiped without raising any questions.

The perception that people have developed among themselves is:  You can negotiate with a poor guy but not with a rich guy. This is even worse than racism. Treat people equally ! To be frank, the roadside buckets, flower pots, banana tray, sunglasses, t shirts really last longer than the ones purchased in an air conditioned showroom. 

Stop bargaining with these poor people! They are innocent! There may be cheaters but not like those professionals you see in big retail stores. If a road side guy cheats you for Rs. 20, a big retail shop guy would cheat you for Rs. 500 and even more depending on your level of stupidity and inclination to artificiality.

Encourage these poor people. They need your support! That money you bargain for might leave them struggling to feed their children. Never bargain with poor people. Show your bargaining skills with big marketers rather than people who sell their own hand made “genuine” products.


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