Is there Life after Death?

There are certain religions that say you’ve got seven lives after death. And there are other religions that say you’ll go to heaven or hell based on your deeds. So what’s really gonna happen ?

The “real” answer is “no one knows”.

In order to ensure people follow a set a rules and regulations or to make the people belonging to a particular section abide by the rules and regulations of a particular religion, each and every religion come up with a powerful weapon known as “Life After Death”.

How many of you are ready to follow “your” religion with no idea of what it’s gonna take you to in the future ? I would say “none”.

This is the reason your religion says “Be good. Do good. Provide offertory to the concerned establishment(God knows where it goes) as though God is gonna merry with this money, and then shower his blessings on you. Satisfying God is not what a so called superior Holy power wants (if so it exists). A superior power(if so it exists)  would want it’s people to be good for his/her own self. But religious heads are well aware that there exists no superior power and that’s the reason you hear a lot of news regarding religious heads being involved in scandals, drinks, drugs, parties, etc. But they need the imaginary religion to have real followers. And to make sure the followers stay real till the end, they show you a very beautiful unreal beyond imagination place.

Science has a term for it -“mirage”.

It’s something that appears so beautiful at a distance. But as you near it, it slowly disappears and when you are at the exact spot where it initially appeared , it’s totally gone. “Mirage” can refer to heaven, seven lives, paradise, golden plateau or whatever depending on your religion.

Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance.

Will Durant


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