iPhone 6s – My Views

It’s been six months since I’ve started using iPhone 6s , space grey , 16GB version.

With a 4.7 inch screen, 12 megapixel rear + 5 megapixel front camera, A9 processor , 2nd generation finger print sensor, 2 GB RAM, it’s a powerhouse device. 

One thing I love about iPhones is that it seldom hangs. In Samsung, device hanging is a daily issue. The applications in AppStore are so well organised and quality guaranteed when compared to Android’s Play Store. The fingerprint reader is now twice as fast as that reader in iPhone 6. But it also has a pitfall associated with it. You just can’t view the notifications in the lock screen as it just takes you to the home screen in a trace of a second. First time I felt speed comes with its own flaws. 

The camera in iPhone 6s is 12 MP but I  couldn’t find a drastic difference in image quality from the 8MP iPhone 6 camera. It looks very similar. But the front camera with the added screen flash is pretty cool for selfies. Samsung’s s6 and now Samsung’s s7 / edge , LG G4 are definitely better camera smartphones than iPhone 6s. Only iPhone 6s Plus comes with optical image stabilisation (OIS). 

View few clicks that I snapped with my iPhone 6s.

This phone is bullet fast. It’s processor is so fast that it supports high graphics gaming, hassle free video editing and multi tasking. The battery is still 1715mah which isn’t a bad thing at all. Keep your phone at 95% charge at night with your net on. And you’ll wake up with 90% charge. It’s so awesome in battery usage. The power saving mode also serves its purpose.

3D Touch is cool for communicating with your applications in a different way. Peek and pop option is something very new. But it’s seriously not a technological disruption. Just a gimmick to say the least. 

iPhones  still don’t  come with fast charging option. But it’s not at all an issue. The small battery charges fast. And with full battery on, you can last a full day on average use. For heavy users, you guys have to look for Battery cases or power banks

On the whole, iPhone 6s is a very powerful device which you can stick onto for many years. 


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