HTC 10 – My Views

The first smartphone that I was really crazy about was HTC one M7, the main reason being its beats audio supporting boom sound front speakers. It was an amazing experience watching videos, listening to songs and playing HD games like NFS most wanted.

 But then in the consequent years they have really failed to capitalise on their laurels. They went on experimenting which ended being costly for them. Their last launch HTC A9 was a bit downturn. But now , with their latest launch HTC 10 , I do see them getting back on the right track. 

Picture Source : PhoneArena

With 5.2 inches, 12 MP camera, snapdragon 820 processor and 3000mAh battery, HTC launches its powerhouse flagship device HTC 10. 

HTC has taken all the positives from its previous year models  and come up with a device that challenges iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung s7/edge.

Take a look at this video from Marques Brownlee to know more on HTC 10 . 

HTC 10 Impressions
This HTC 10 deserves 10 on 10.


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