Faith vs Belief 

I’ve seen a lot of people say “I believe in God” while others say “I have faith in God”. So which is actually correct? Do they mean the same? I’ve always had this thought in my mind and recently I’ve come to a conclusion with my own inner voice. 

According to me, belief is when you believe someone with strong reasons behind it. Faith on the other hand , refers to believing without a pinch of doubt or question in your mind. It’s more like a “blind” belief.

So what’s it that you need to have with your God ? Is it going to be belief or faith ? Definitely it “should” be faith . Religion expects you to believe their God without any questioning or reasoning. So if you’re  going to follow any religion, the first and foremost thing you’ll need till the end(of you or your religion🙃) is “faith”. A blind belief.

 The moment questions arise regarding the “existence” of your God, why good people suffer/die, why evil always flourish, why murders/rapes happen, why a family lose their only son/daughter in a tragic accident, why God’s powers are seldom shown against the Devils, it’s at that very second you reach an incredible level of maturity and start understanding the fact – “faith wants you to remain blind, but belief is what you need to survive and sustain” 😊



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  1. Belief and Faith always go together. Can’t exist independently. The more you believe the less you think.

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  2. Faith and Works must be your steps. Mere faith will make you a dead person/religious person.

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  3. If following a religion means practising its principles “completely” then i dont think becoming faithfull is wrong. Becoming faithful is i think is the attainment of highest level of maturity😇

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